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Entry for August 11, 2007-Paths of Choice

Everyday we make choices. These choices are what determine who we are and who we become. Most of the time we really don't consider our choices as being life altering they are just things we have to decide. However every choice we make determines the path that we will take in our lives. Our careers, our spouses, our "morality", our relationship with others as well as God are all determined by the smallest of decisions we make. They seem to be so insignificant yet each one leads us on the path our lives will eventually take us. They make us who we are. When we think that we can let one little choice slip by us or we can afford not to take every choice seriously we are choosing a path that teaches us that the answers in life aren't important or worthy of our time. Imagine if God treated us that way. What if He had let our choice to sin against His law go along without showing us that there are consequences for our actions? What if He simply allowed us to blindly walk into hell because the choice to provide us with a way of escape took time or was such a small matter that it wasn't worth His attention. I'm sure we would be angry and feel mistreated because He could have at least warned us. Well, He has warned us, if fact He had the warnings written down in what we know as the Bible. Yet we choose to ignore those warnings because the path doesn't follow the way we want to go. We make the choice of which path we walk and expect God to follow us. The paths of our choices are our responsibility and God allows us the freedom to make those choices but don't ever believe that He doesn't watch and try to show us the right path. He just doesn't force us to choose it. When you make your day to day choices consider what they are making you into, once you start on a path it's hard to turn around and the path may be more than you bargained for. Ask God for His wisdom and the paths of your choice will bring you into His perfect will.

2007-08-11 20:39:50 GMT
Comments (2 total)
Thank You Rev.Kerrene for this Post....It has really opened my eyes
--Mr.Roupe-Royal Oak,Mich
2007-08-11 22:00:33 GMT
It finally took me 43 years to realize that God didn't let me down, I let myself down by the paths that I chose to go down instead of listening to God...
--Tracy R.
2007-08-13 15:04:13 GMT
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