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Entry for August 12, 2007

The dream of having a website for Living Saved didn't begin out of a desire to see my own thoughts in print or see myself on the internet. My desire is borne out of a strong sense of doing what God wants from me and the ministry He had ordained for me. So what is the purpose of Living Saved with Rev. Kerrene? It is to allow God to move in the lives of His people for their own spiritual growth. If we are to become the people that God is calling for us to be, we must grow in power and authority as we learn how to live saved in this world. We cannot afford to waste the investment God has made in us by living lives that are constantly up and down spiritually while being in and out emotionally. God has given us a way to live saved but we must recognize that way and determine within ourselves that we will live saved at all cost. That cost may be everything or it may be much less than we believe it will be. Regardless of the cost here and now the price is worth the effort to live saved everyday. We cannot be concerned about the way others perceive us or being judged as "too religious" and we certainly cannot be concerned about being alienated because we have made the decision to live saved. By now you have noticed that I have not used the word Christian and there is a reason for that, many call themselves "Christian" without an understanding of what that really means. Here at Living Saved with Rev Kerrene we will learn that a title isn't as important as the action of living saved. So join me and let's grow into the people that God is calling for us to be...people who are living saved.

I am blessed to have found a helper in James Coffman (3StarJimmy) to share my vision, the drive, desire and ability to do the will of God regardless of the time consuming effort that it takes to carry out the will of God. Whenever we step out on God, He sends someone to help shoulder the load so remember do not be afraid to take that step which will lead you in the path of living saved.

2007-08-12 00:12:47 GMT
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