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Entry for August 21, 2007

The need to believe in something greater than ourselves is embedded into each of us. No one wants to believe that "this is all there is" even if they refuse to believe in God. Recently, an individual attacked five of the Living Saved videos. One was an introduction to the Living Saved with Rev. Kerrene program and the other were attacks against the L.I.F.E. series videos. The individual said some pretty rough things and basically called "god loving people" (his or her words) arrogant and greedy for thinking themselves worthy of eternal life. For each of the videos the comment was the exact same and seem to reflect contempt for the children of God. My heart was broken not because of the slam for the L.I.F.E. series videos but for this misguided lost person who found it easier to run from God than to face the Truth. Here is someone in desperate need of prayer and afraid to to ask. I am not one who needs or seeks validation for my ministry because I know what I do belongs to God and I deserve no credit, but if I did this person provided me with that validation. It took a great deal of time for this person to view all of those videos and I believe his/her anger was kindled because the Holy Spirit spoke very loud and very clear to that person. Whereas Living Saved with Rev. Kerrene is for assisting the people of God in learning how to live saved in this world, God has been using it to bring those who are unaware of their need for Him in their lives and those who are trying to run from the Holy Spirit who has been working on them. It's not my place to tell God how to direct His work, it's my place to go with Him wherever He leads me. 3 Star Jimmy and I made a commitment not just to each other to carry this ministry out until God chose to end it but we made that same commitment to God. We trust each other to hold up our end of the agreement to God more than to each other and that's the way it should be. We cannot put our hand to the plow and look back we must continue to move forward in the direction God has set us in until He says "no more". As we follow the leading of God, come with us! The journey is unknown but the trail is blazed by God so you know it will be enlightening and adventurous. I can't be what God wants me to be unless you are what God wants you to be...we are in this together so let's give the enemy all he can handle and more than he wants to handle.

2007-08-21 14:26:29 GMT
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