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At times life seems to wear us down. We do everything that we can to accomplish our goals only to discover we haven't come close to reaching them. When that happens we are not merely disappointed but we can become so discouraged that we lash out at someone to blame. That someone is usually God. We feel that we've been given the "short end of the stick" and that's God's fault. We never stop to consider that because our goals are not in line with the will of God we are doomed to fail in accomplishing them. There is nothing wrong with having goals, in fact we all should have goals but our goals must be on the condition that God is pleased with our choices. If we are honest then we have to confess that when it comes OUR life goals we rarely consider the will of God we look to what we believe will make us happy. Unfortunately, we really don't know what that is! We think that we do but we really are quite content to settle for the less of the world rather than the more of God. I may have mentioned this before but it is worth repeating. In my office I have a saying that I use to remind myself of need to seek the will of God for my goals rather than my own goals. The saying is: "when it comes to the things of God most do not arrogantly aspire for too much but sheepishly settle for too little." Our own goals are the too little and having the will of God as our goals is aspiring for the much. Regardless of our age, we should aspire to the highest of goals - the will of God. It is there that we will find our peace, joy, fulfillment in life and that will finally result in our accomplishing our goals.
2007-10-09 15:08:58 GMT
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