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Entry for May 13, 2008 - Creation vs Evolution Debate

Living Saved with Rev. Kerrene will be hosting a live online debate between creationist Eric Hovind (son of noted creationist Dr. Kent Hovind) and cellular biologist Dr. Mark Farmer (UGA) on May 16th. The debate will be on www.blogtalkradio.com/livingsavedwithrevkerrene at 6:00 PM EDT. We are now accepting questions on the topic of "origins of man", no live questions will be accepted but the chat board will be open. In conjunction with the upcoming debate, we are offering for the cost of shipping and handling only "A Revealing Creation Seminar" by Dr. Kent Hovind. This 8 DVD set is a must have for your library and would cost you $100.00 but it is yours free. To order your copy visit our website product page and use your choice of payment via paypal.

Please submit all questions to revkerrene@livingsavedwithrevkerrene.com

2008-05-13 18:15:37 GMT
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