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He Hasn't Answered YET?

There is a time in every believer's life that we stop and think "wait a minute, I've been praying for______________ a long time and still God hasn't answered. So that must mean He doesn't want me to have it." That seems to be a reasonable conclusion but I'm not sure that it's the correct conclusion. It may well be that God doesn't want us to have what we are praying for, knowing the harm it will do to us or others but it also could be that God wants us to surrender our will to His. The hardest thing of anyone to do is to give in. I am a very competitive person, I really hate to lose at anything so for me to let go of what I want is a difficult process. Over the years I have come to realize that there are times when God isn't saying no to my prayers but saying let go of my desires. It's not that my prayers have been selfish or even outside of God's will but rather they have been about "this is what I want more than pleasing God." We are taught that God always answers our prayers but sometimes we don't accept the no answer. Perhaps, but again is it really more about us learning that we don't have to win but we do have to let go? May be winning doesn't factor in at all. May be it's what we truly believe to be right and the will of God so be become blind to the truth that God wants us to have things in His time so that we will be spiritually equipped to handle the responsibility that comes with His blessings. When God grants us favor, there is a responsibility that comes with it are we ready to handle that responsibility? There is no doubt that the gifts of God are given freely as are His blessings but are we willing to let go to that point of total surrender that we will give our all just for His will to be done? A reasonable conclusion from our perspective doesn't make it the proper conclusion. That can only be found when we let go to the will of God.

2008-09-12 15:17:29 GMT
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